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FAQ's - Get a VPN - What is a VPN, how they work & why you need a VPN

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What is a VPN?
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a layer of protection for using the internet.  It routes all of your connections via a Private Server before then sending you on your way to your intended destination.  This hides your identity and your activity from hackers and your ISP (internet service provider) therefore making it impossible for anyone, including the authorities to see what you have been doing online!
How do VPN's work?

Before commencing your activity on the internet you first connect to your choosen VPN.  This is usually just a case of clicking the Connect button on your app or program though most VPN’s can now be very easily set to Auto Connect for those of us that tend to forget things.

This then sends all your raw data and personal info via a server that encrypts it and changes your IP address before sending you to your intended destination.  The whole process happens in the background without you even noticing that anything is different. 

No details of what you do while you use a VPN are ever stored except the fact you connected to a VPN server ( which is perfectly legal except in Russia and recommend as the best way to protect your details from hackers ).

How do I choose the best VPN?
All VPN’s pretty much work the same with the main differances being in the detail ie: the price, the number of connects allowed at the same time, the number of servers and countries they are based in.   Customer service, supported devices and connection speed can also vary, plus some offer added extras like ad blocking and virus protection.

All the VPN’s we reccomend will be more than enough for 99% of users and they cover all the main devices and opperting systems and are easy to use and set up.

Again all the VPN’s we reccomend offer either a 7/30 day money back guarentee or a trail of some sort so my advice is just try one.

IPVanish is the worlds most popular as its a good all rounder.  NORD is very good value and covers most the bases where Express VPN is quick and Pure VPN packs in many features.

Most people go for a good deal and are very happy and tend to stay loyal for years to the first VPN they use.

Will my VPN work on all my devices?

How do you know if your VPN is working?
Most VPN programs will tell you and show you a graph of the incoming and out going data but how can you tell for sure.

There are many ways to check your VPN is working.  Heres 2 that are quick and easy.

Follow this link https://www.ipvanish.com/checkIP.php make a note of your ip address before you connect, then connect to your VPN go back and refresh the page and you will see your IP Adress should have  changed.

If you’re using a mobile devices look for the Key Symbol in your notifications bar. This means you are connected to a VPN.

What can I do with my VPN?

Stay Private

Your Internet service provider can see your internet traffic, and has to by law log all your browsing history, the messages you send, the sites you visit. They even record the times and the decives used. It’s not just your data – it’s your life!  A VPN scrambles your traffic in an encrypted tunnel so not even your ISP can read it. No monitoring, no activity logs.

By-Pass Geo-Blocking & Censorship

Some countries block access to certain websites and some websites block visitors from some countries.  You can use a VPN to change your vrtual location so you can open up the whole internet where ever you are are in the world.

Save Money

Some online stores and companies charge more for some products depending on what country they thing you are in.  Try it you can easily save money just by changing your server location to one in another country.  It’s amazing!  Plus if you live in one of the many countries that don’t add tax to purchases then don’t pay it if you happen to be in a country that dose tax.  For example you are from Saudi Arabia but in the UK on business and you need to buy some IT software.  Don’t pay the 20% UK VAT just change your location back to Saudi via your VPN and it’s VAT Free baby.

Public WiFi

Free Wi-Fi can easily be hacked.  Connect to a VPN before you use it and all your personal data will be encrypted and impossible for hackers to read.  Airports, McDonalds, Coffee Shops, Theme Parks, Gyms, everywhere has free WiFi and it’s dangerous.

Streaming, Gaming and Extra Content

Some sports events can only be watch in certain countries. Some countries charge for Live Sports Events, Films, Boxsets and other content while in many other countries the same things are FREE. Some countries block sites that offer Free Streams, Downloads, Torrent and File Sharing. Some websites and video streaming platforms offer content that may not be availible where you are located.  Some Online Multi-Player Games can only be played in certain countries or can block certain IP Addresses.  You can by-pass all these restrictions and keep the fact the did annonomous by using a VPN.


Turn on your VPN every time you go online.

What is the Investigatory Powers Act?
The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter) was passed as an Act of Parliament on 29 November 2016.  Its different parts came into force on 30 December 2016. The Act expands the electronic surveillance powers of the UK Intelligence Community, the Police and over 60 other agancies and Goverment departments.  All ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and phone companies (CSPs) will have to store records of every websites visited, message sent, phone call made by every customer for 12 months.
Can my ISP see what I do online?
Yes – Unless you use a VPN.
Whats the best VPN for Streaming Movies or using Kodi?
The most important thing is that you use a VPN if you are going to stream movies etc. The best will depend on your circumstances but we like IPVanish as it’s compatible with almost every device, ExpressVPN for it’s speed and Nord VPN for it’s features.
Who should use a VPN?
Everyone! Anyone that draws the curtains at night or shuts the bathroom door when they go to the toilet.  If you value your privacey and or want to protect your personal data you should use a VPN everytime you go online.

VPN’s are a must for world travellers and Video Streamers.

Are VPN's legal?
Yes, absolutly and completly legal everywhere except Russia.

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