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Get a VPN - Latest News - UK just 60 Days from Porn Shut down!

What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a layer of protection for using the internet.  It routes all of your connections via a Private Server before then sending you on your way to your intended destination.  This hides your identity and your activity from hackers and your ISP (internet service provider) therefore making it impossible for anyone, including the authorities to see what you have been doing online!


Should Always use a VPN!


VPN News – April 2018

The Best Free VPN and Web Browser

I love Opera.  It’s my default browser on windows and it’s fast, it’s customisable, easy to use and comes with Whats App integration, screen capture and Facebook Messenger as Standard. 

But what I really love is that it is the only Browser that has a Free built in VPN!  Now the VPN does only have basic settings but it’s FREE!

You can only pick from 3 geo locations; (Asia, Americas and Europe) but there’s no data limit and it has a feature that can be set to override the VPN when making local broswer seaches so that the results are still relevant. It’s a great browser and a good Free VPN for windows.

Download here from Official Site https://www.opera.com


Everyone’s doing it!

Back in 2006 I remember paying £4 a month to Vodafone to get Sky Sports on my old Sony Walkman phone. Wow that was a while ago and things have moved on so much.  Back then it wasn’t even called streaming and I was the only person I knew that could get live TV on my phone.  In 2018 we’re all using services like Nextflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video and all the rest everyday.

But did you know you can get even more content from all over the world if you Get a VPN?

Most countries have their own on demand services and often offer live sports events for FREE that here in the UK we may have to pay for. And they get all the same TV shows and often get them before us. These Streaming services are almost always Geo-Blocked but if you Get a VPN you can by-pass the location restrictions and watch pretty much anything you want. Or maybe your on Holiday and you can’t bear to miss your favourite shows.  With a VPN you can watch This Morning in the Evening in Austrailia or Corri in California.

What is Russia’s new VPN law all about?

A Russian law regulating the use of technologies enabling users to search the internet anonymously came into force on 1 November.

Many are worried the law will make it harder for Russians to bypass internet censorship. Signed by President Vladimir Putin in July, the law imposes restrictions on proxy avoidance tools. These tools include virtual private networks (VPNs) and anonymous proxy servers (anonymisers). VPN providers will be obliged to closely cooperate with Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor and comply with its requests.

What Exactly is Banned?  Despite widespread speculation, the law does not directly ban the operation of VPNs and anonymisers. However, it does restrict access to banned websites with the help of these tools. VPN providers will get access to Roskomnadzor’s blacklist of banned websites and will be entitled to provide the use of their servers “within the legal framework”, the banki.ru banking portal reports. Leonid Levin, the head of the Russian State Duma’s information policy committee, has previously said the law is meant to block access only to “unlawful content” and is not intended to impose restrictions on law-abiding citizens, according to business daily RBC. Read the full story on BBC News.

Porn ID checks set to start in April 2018

A nine-month countdown to the introduction of compulsory age checks on online pornography seen from the UK has begun.

The April 2018 goal to protect under-18s was revealed as digital minister Matt Hancock signed the commencement order for the Digital Economy Act, which introduces the requirement. But details as to how the scheme will work have yet to be finalised. Experts who advised ministers said the targeted date seemed “unrealistic”. The act also sets out other new laws including punishing the use of bots to snatch up scores of concert tickets, and mandating the provision of subtitles on catch-up TV.

Credit Cards  The age-check requirement applies to any website or other online platform that provides pornography “on a commercial basis” to people in the UK. It allows a regulator to fine any business that refuses to comply and to ask third-party payment services to withdraw support. The watchdog will also be able to force internet providers to block access to non-compliant services. Ministers have suggested one of several ways this might work would be for pornographic sites to demand credit card details before providing any access, since in the UK consumers typically have to be over 18 to have a card of their own. Read the full story on BBC News.

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