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Online Protection - Get a VPN

Online Protection

Do you ever use public Wi-Fi?

At a Hotel? In a Restaurant? On the Train? Out Shopping?

Of course you do. We all do! We get the WiFi password and connect our phones.

Did you know Hackers target people using Free Unprotected Wi-Fi.

It’s easy and they can see everything you type, every site unless you use a VPN!

VYPR own, engineer and manage all their servers. No 3rd parties -no risk.

NAT Firewall is an additional layer of security it blocks unrequested inbound traffic.

Automatic Kill Switch

Double VPN encrypts your data twice for  extra security.

CyberSec blocks suspicious websites to prevent malware.

Automatic Kill Switch

All the VPN’s we reccommend will protect your devices and more importantly your person information with a few differances and features. There are other factors to consider such as price, customer service, number of devices allow to connect at the same time and the global situation of each provider.

You’ve probably got Insurance for your house, Anti-Virus Software for your computer and I bet you wear a seatbelt when you travel in a car so why surf without a VPN?

Advertiser Disclosure: We test many products & services thoroughly & only recommend the very best VPN’s. We are independently owned & the opinions expressed here are our own.  Get a VPN .co.uk is a review site & may receive compensation from the companies whose products we feature. 

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