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Save Money - Get a VPN

Save Money

Using a VPN to save money may not be the first thing you thought about but you can easily recoup the price of your VPN and much more by shopping smart.

Heres how it works

Many online retailers have different pricing structures for different countries. Save £££’s on exactly the same item by using your VPN to changing your country IP address to one in another country, then use that countries website to look for the best prices.

This works really well with digital products like Music, Movies and Software. And you can find even bigger savings on Flight, Hotels, Car Hire and Holidays.

Often this is because companies runs deals and promotions at different times in different places. However sometimes Big companies have unfair pricing structures.  Heres a few we found quickly.

Minecraft Mobile Game on iPhone

UK App Store Price £6.99

US App Store Price $6.99  (That’s £4.94 26-1-18)

Next up lets look at Hotels.  I went to hotels .com to check the prices we are charged here in the UK compared to other countries.  I search for exactly the same Hotel and dates.  I picked Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge 1st-8th July 2018. 1 Room 2 Adults.

I first checked the Hotels .com UK site. £2117 came back as the price.  Now lets see if the same company charge people in other countries less for exactly the same deal?   So I connect my VPN and head off to Mexico or at least Hotels .com’s Mexican version of their website and again exactly the same details: Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge 1st-8th July 2018. 1 Room 2 Adults.

Even I was shocked! Same Hotel, sames dates but if you use the Mexico site you only have to pay the equivlent of £1880 thats £236 cheaper.

Watch the video and if you want to see more things you can do with a VPN please chick on the subscribe link too.

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