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What is the best VPN for streaming and Kodi in the UK

What’s the Best VPN for Streamers and Kodi users?

For a great streaming experiance you need to bring together a combination of 4 things.

You need a good internet connection. 

When streaming media you need a fast internet connection! That means a high download speed. Download speeds are recorded in mbps (megabits per second).

Less than 1mbps is basically dial up from 1997.

7mbps is a slow Broadband connection.

18mbps is now the standard speed in the UK and will be ok for most situations.

Around 34mbps is the next jump and is the speed we recommend for streamers.

50+mbps is fast and 100+ is Superfast.  If your not sure what speed you currently get you can use a speed test service. If you need more speed talk to your Internet Service Provider).

Next think about your hardware. Are your devices upto the job?  

Most modern Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones are more than capable of providing enough computing power to stream large media files in HD but some older or cheaper devices can struggle. Also cheap android streaming boxes, although aimed towards Streamers don’t posess enough power.  All devices vary so as a very general rule look for a device with at least 2gb of RAM and a processorthats less than 2 years old.

There are Two other important factors that can affect the quality of the streams you watch; How the streams were coded and the server they live on.

Media files that are ripped decompressed and coded quickly tend to take longer to be coded on the way back. This can lead to buffering errors and even crashing.

Then you get different types of server. Many free cloud storage providers use older or cheaper servers and they can restrict speed and data allowances.  Many time this is an atempt to be users on to paid plans. It can also depend on the amount of traffic they have and the demand for each file.

Now you need a VPN.

A VPN will ensure that you can always watch what you want, when you want without worring if you need permission and without fear of Geo-Blocking.

Which VPN you pick will depend on a few things. Only some VPN providers allow connection to P2P and Torrenting sites. It may be worth considering using a VPN not based in either the US or Europe? And then how many devices might you need to connect at the same time? Price is always important.  We recommend first time VPN users try one that offers a 30 day maoney back guarentee on a 1 month deal and then if you like the interface extent to a long plan.  The longer, the cheaper!

A VPN can slow down your top download speed by about 5-10% so a 30mbps connection may go down to say 27mbps which you won’t notice when streaming.

However using a VPN can often increase your average speed as you are less likly to be Throttled by your ISP, as they will have no clue that you are a Streamer.

Always connect your VPN before using Kodi or Streaming from unknown sources. Best option is to set your VPN to start on boot.


Enjoy your stream.  You can sit back and relax. Watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world when you’re on Holiday or away on Business.

Watch Live TV Streams from all over the would without blocks or errors.

See shows from America weeks or months before they are on UK TV.

You can do all this safe in the knowledge that you won’t leave a mark, use any device, from any location!

For more info on what you can Stream with a VPN you may want to have a look at http://easyas.esy.es

  • All the VPN’s we reccommend allow P2P Torrenting
  • Geographically Nord VPN based in Panama and Pure VPN based in Hong Kong are the 2 safest options
  • Nord allows 6 devices and Pure allows 5 at a time. (Both more than enough for most people)
  • Nord has servers in 59 countries while Pure VPN has servers in 140 countries.

Both are very good options. Nord has a few more features but not as many servers in different countries while Pure is easy to use and covers most countries but can be a little more expensive.

Our advise is to try NORD VPN first as it has a 30 day Money back Guarentee (Pure is 7 day MBG) unless you need the wider server coverage. 

http://getavpn.co.uk/nordvpn —————————————————— http://getavpn.co.uk/purevpn  

Advertiser Disclosure: We test many products & services thoroughly & only recommend the very best VPN’s. We are independently owned & the opinions expressed here are our own.  Get a VPN .co.uk is a review site & may receive compensation from the companies whose products we feature. 

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